Kreplach are small squares of rolled pasta dough filled with ground beef or chicken, then folded into triangles, by pitching two of the ends together. They can be boiled and served in soup or fried and served as a side dish. Kreplach have become a traditional favorite dish for Purim as well as for other Jewish festivals--- the pre Yom Kipppur meal, on Hoshanah Rabbah, and the seventh day of Sukkot.
3 cups sifted flour
2 tsp. salt
2 eggs
½ cup lukewarm water
Sift flour into bowl, add eggs and warm water. Mix with fork until all flour is mixed in.
Divide into three balls, cover and set bowl in warm water and let rest.
1 pound beef brisket, cooked
1 medium onion sautéed in oil
2 eggs
(Salt & pepper to taste)
Grind brisket and onion together, add eggs and seasoning.
Take one ball out and roll dough out on floured sheet (large wooden board, table or counter top)
and cut 3 inch squares. Fill each square with 2 tablespoons of meat mixture.
Fold up like a tortellini and pinch the edges together Use egg wash to seal (optional).
In large pot of boiling water let cook for 5 minutes after the kreplach has risen to the top of the pot.
Spoon out on a towel or wax paper, and let them dry.
Serve in chicken soup, or fry in butter on both sides, until browned.
First, make the dough in your food processer; then wash out the bowl.
Next, put the grinder blade on and put in the filling ingredients.
After the keplachs are cooked and dried, you can a put them in a zip lock bag and freeze them.
It is wonderful to have them when you want them or too tired to cook.
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