Apple Sauce

The value of applesauce, in ancient days, was that it was an inexpensive and convenient way to save their harvested apples for a later time.  It was important to have food for the long winters, droughts, or wars.
Apple Sauce
    (Chunky )
Apples, 6 large
Cinnamon, to taste
Sugar or sweetener
Lemon juice
Salt (optional)
Core the apples, and cut in small pieces.  Place in pot and cover the apples with water.  Add cinnamon and sugar or sweetener to taste. Add a little lemon juice.  Boil the apples and seasoning until the apples are soft and the water has boiled down to just enough sauce.
*Note: This recipe has no amounts to give you, because it is different every time.  It is a taste and add recipe.  The apples are different during the year, plus everyone likes it their own way--my husband loves it with a lot of cinnamon. So make a small batch the first time, and add a “bissel” cinnamon, a “bissel” sugar or sweetener, a“bissel” lemon juice, and a pinch of salt. Taste, taste, taste! You'll love it. This is a delicious side dish, healthy, and great for all the holidays.
*Note: “Bissel” is a Yiddish word meaning “a little this and a little that.”  Add a small amount and then taste. If not enough, add a bissel more.


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