Fresh Fruit Salad

This salad is not a traditional holiday salad, but fruits of the season. Dates and figs were common in the Mediterranean areas and were used in a lot of holiday dishes.  But in modern days, with frozen fruits so convenient and fresh fruit always available in the stores, you have the opportunity to make your own traditions. If you would like to add dates and figs into this salad, please do.

Fresh Fruit Salad


Cover your tray or plate with fresh greens of your choice.
Slice, chop, make balls or leave whole the following fruits.
And any other fresh fruit you desire to use
Arrange them on the greens.
Then sprinkle slivered almonds over the fruit   (Optional)
This salad of fresh fruits gives you the opportunity to make a beautiful presentation for the table, and it also is a very healthy salad to serve.





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