The oldest known strudel recipe is from 1696, a handwritten recipe housed at the Wienbibliothek im Rathaus. Strudel was created in the Austrian-Habsburg region and was effected by the cuisines of a lot of different cultures. "Strudel" is a German word, drawn from the Middle High German word for "whirlpool".
            (Party pastries)
1/4 tsp. salt
1 egg, beaten
cups flour
1/3 cup warm water
1/2 cup butter, (1 stick) melted
Mix salt, flour and egg. Add the water, mix dough quickly with a knife,
then knead on a board, stretching it up and down to make it elastic,
until it leaves the board clean. Toss on a small, well floured board.
Cover with a hot bowl and keep it warm ½ hour or longer.
              Have filling ready before stretching dough. Work quickly Lay dough in center of a well floured table cloth
              on table about 30x48 inches. Flour the dough. Roll into a long oval with rolling pin.
              Brush dough with 1/4 cup of the melted butter. With your hands under the dough, palms down,
              pull and stretch the dough gradually all around the table, toward the edges, until the dough
             gradually all around the table, toward the edges, until the dough hanges over the table and
             isas thin as paper. Cut off dough that hangs over and drip 1/4 more butter over surface of dough.
            Sprinkle on strudel filling over ¾ of the buttered, stretched dough;
             f old a little of the dough at one end over the filling. Hold the cloth at that end high
             with both hands and the Strudel will roll itself over and over, like a large jelly roll.
            Trim edges again. Twist roll into greased pan 11x16 inches or cut into 3 rolls
            and lay them side by side in pan.
             Brush top with more melted butter. Bake in hot oven, 400 degrees for ½ hour;
             reduce heat to 350 degrees and bake ½ hour longer, or until brown and crisp;
             brushing well with butter from time to time while baking.
            You will use altogether about 1 cup melted butter for the strudel with its fillings.
1 jar 16 oz. red raspberry preserves
1 jar orange marmalade
1 bag coconut flakes
1 cup nuts, finely chopped
Maraschinos cherries, chopped
1 tsp. vanilla
*Note: You can add raisins, chopped apples, any dried fruit, crumbled graham crackers,
lemon rind, or anything sweet that pleases you, for the filling.

*Note: If you just don't have the time, you can substitute Phylo Dough for the pastry.
It will not be the authentic traditional strudel, but still makes for a tasty pastry.



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