Matzo-Meal Pancakes

Because regular pancakes are not allowed during Passover, matzo meal pancakes were created.  They go great with the charoset and maple syrup that you have left over from the Seder.
Matzo Meal Pancakes
    (Matzo Meal Latkes)
1 cup matzo meal
4 eggs, separated
2 cups water or milk
1 tsp. salt
2 Tbsps. sugar
Oil for frying pan
Blend together matzo meal, salt and sugar. Beat egg yolks, add milk or water
then mix into matzo meal mixture. Stir well. Let stand 1 hour to swell.
Beat egg whites until stiff, then fold into matzo meal batter.
Pour from a tablespoon onto a well-greased heated skillet. Brown on one side;
then turn over. Serve with sour cream, apple sauce, or raspberry, blueberry
or strawberry preserves. Mmmmm!
Note: When I make these at my house, I cannot wait one (1) hour for the mixture to swell,
so I do all of the above, except, I only put in 1 cup water (or so) until the batter looks a good consistency to pour.
I also, do not put sugar in the batter. I haven't had a complaint yet.
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