Spinach Ring

Generally at holiday dinners, the hostess wants to include a healthy vegetable to the meal and the spinach ring brings beauty to the table.

Spinach Ring

2 Tbsps. butter
2 Tbsps. flour
½ cup milk, warm
3 eggs, separated
1 ¾ cup cooked, drained, chopped spinach
Salt and pepper (to taste)
Heat butter in skillet, add flour and gradually stir in milk.
Cook, stirring until sauce is smooth and thick.
Stir gradually into the well beaten yokes.

Add spinach and seasoning, grated onion, and nutmeg if desired.
Cool, fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites, pour into a well-greased ring.
Set in a pan half-filled with hot water, bake in moderate oven,
350 degrees, 30 minutes, or until set.
*Note: This spinach ring is easy to make, very healthy,
and placed on a lovely decorated plate, brings beauty to the table.



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