The Lost Art of Jewish Cooking

When my mother-in-law passed away, all her wonderful, delicious, and her unique talent of cooking, was lost to us.
It was then requested, by my grown children, to write a legacy cookbook, such as this one, so that won’t happen again.

On the television news one day, a lady was running out of her house as her area was flooding.

The newscaster placed his microphone to her mouth, and asked her what she was hugging so tightly. She told him that it was her grandmother’s collection of recipes.
He asked her why she chose this above all others, and she told him that she could replace all her belongings and furniture, but she could never replace her grandmother’s recipes.

Make this book the beginning of your legacy.

Pass it down to your children, grandchildren or other beloved family members.

I know they will treasure it.
Lois Zerman


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The Lost Art of Jewish Cooking
By Lois Zerman
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